Movie Inspiration:The Notebook

I accidentally saw part of The Notebook on TV the other night. I was immediately in love with this bathing suit!


Movie Inspiration

The "I Feel Pretty" Dress in West Side Story
Yellow+ Orange is too much? Tone it down (or up?) with gold!Picture from Garance Dore.


My Summer Pick 3

Yellow/Orange dress

Dior Spring 09
Sonia Rykiel Spring 08


Steamed Egg

Today,I steamed the first egg in my life!

It's quite easy: you break an egg, add some green onion, peas, salt, and oil; and then, steam it! It turned out better than I had expected. But I over-cooked it, and it wasn't as tender as it could be.

When I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time in my grandma's cousin's. She always made me a steamed egg after kinder garden. Those were the best steamed eggs I've ever had. The secret? Nothing but oil. The old lady--as well as my grandparents--was from Anhui province, where people generally put a lot of oil in their dishes. The steamed eggs she made were oily, but heavenly delicious!

One dish my college canteen often served was steamed eggs with ground pork. I never really like steaming eggs with meat, but it's kind of a tradition dish that people steam eggs with ground pork or sea food. My college canteen was awful. But guess what? Three years away from it, I miss the careless life with no burdens of cooking and washing dishes!

My Summer Pick 2

Jeans Vest

I've been no fan of vest or jeans in any form other than pants. But this summer, I kind of want a jeans vest to go with all the lace, silk, and ruffles!

And of course, sometimes a jeans jacket works as well!